Total Integrated Marine Offshore Inspection and Survey Services

Feature tours : Services & Strategies / 3D i-Inspection™ / Steel Repair Calculator / SMSNET™

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These video tutorials are an excellent way to learn about the many unique features of Exaco Integrated Inspection Services, as well as how it can add value to your fleet maintenance and operation strategies. For summary of the main features: Please click here (1.97MB).

Features Tours

A Flash movie Feature tour of Exaco Integrated Marine Offshore Inspection Services interactive tank inspection reporting (1.97MB).

Feature tour of 3D i-INSPECTION interactive tank inspection reporting (3.4MB).

  • Marine Offshore 3D i-INSPECTION is a fully interactive internet Anywhere Anytime 3D representation of your ships' structures for qualitative and quantitative visual feedback. 3D interactive models of your ship's cargo and ballast tanks allows for condition visualization.
    Common application includes preparation for drydock and afloat repairs and statutory inspections for Flag and Classification societies' requirements.

Feature tour of i-INSPECTION vessel's structural record retrieval system (0.69MB).

  • With on-line structural records via i-INSPECTION, you will be able to analyze the defects and renewal requirements. Powerful sort function by weight, steel grade and other categories to provide you meaningful data quantitatively and qualitatively..

Feature tour of Superintendents' SMSNET Enterprise Internet information control system (1.37MB).

  • SMSNET is an Enterprise Internet access (Anywhere and Anytime) information control system that puts you in total control of your fleet' QA QC data and digital files.
    Optimizes and integrate your vessels structural inspection records.
    Allows easy point / click and recall of quality documentation.
    Promote efficient use of Technical Resources.
    Provides fleet hull and structural records.
    Allows you to designated access parties, e.g. Classification Societies, Port State Controllers, Flag State Controllers, (Superintendents / Designated Person(s» to have full or limited access to key important information. You are in total control to their UserID and Password.
    Adds value in record traceability to Insurance Companies, P & I Club and others. Training modules for ISPS, ISM and other company training programs.
    Captioned vessel's photographs for dissemination through the internet.
    Emergency access for Rapid Response Procedure, emergency out-at-sea. Examples: grounding, piracy, engine failure, fire onboard, critical illness website.

Feature tour of Steel Repair Calculator (cost estimation tool) (0.86MB).

  • Tool for computing steel repair cost including demugging and staging cost estimation. Allows you to add contingency percentages for budget purposes.

Feature tour of registration of a new vessel to Exaco databank (0.99MB).

Feature tour of inspection record entry process to Exaco databank (1.3MB).


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